Project date

Content management guidelines and digital tools for presenting cultural heritage

The project

Exhi+ (Exibition Plus) is a package of technological solutions designed for exhibition settings to improve cultural site usage and management. Exhi+ is a project carried forward by Coopculture, Società Cooperativa Culture.


When developing the project, Coopculture realised it needed the support of an organisation with user experience and content management skills in the cultural sector, an organisation able to provide advice on the development of the Exhi+ products and draw up guidelines for cultural workers.


BAM! became involved in the development of the Exhi+ products (website, mobile app and multimedia installation) during a test phase on a number of pilot cultural sites. Beginning with the general objective of improving the usage and presentation of areas of cultural interest, BAM! adopted national and international examples of good practice as its reference point in order to draw up a series of indications to be borne in mind to ensure fluid, engaging and effective navigation for users.

It also considered the need for cultural workers to include and present information, multimedia content and further details. In fact, the guidelines, which BAM! developed to resemble a “toolbox” for understanding the architecture and functional aspects of each individual communication tool provided by Exhi+, were drawn up specifically with these workers in mind, enabling them to effectively prepare and add images and graphics and to produce texts suited to the communication tool being used.

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