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Adopting an international format and activating an Italian community including museums, through mediation and innovation

The project

Museomix Italia is a community founded in October 2015, that aims to spread an international format born in France in our country . MuseoMix is a creative and multidisciplinary laboratory that aims to rethink how best to experience the museum: 3 days of intellectual and manual teamwork, to develop innovative ideas and create prototypes.


Following the evolution of the Museomix in Europe and join one of these creative marathons that are held in Museums all over the world was the best way to realise that Italians museum might also derive great benefits by “remixing” themselves. Museomix, in fact, is much more than a 3-day event. It’s a process that allows a community and a cultural institution to meet and work together over a long period of time, on the search for answers to the needs of all actors involved.

Museomix brings professionalism to museums, called to get involved and interact with each other: brokers, artisans, designers, developers, graphic designers, communicators, artistswritersresearchers.


BAM! has set Museomix Italia in motion by organising meetings and providing dissemination, exchanging, and sharing techniques, available all those who wish to participate in Museomix:

  • Organising meetings: following the first meeting on Museomix in Italy, organised by IBC Emilia-Romagna as part of the international conference The Creative Museum, BAM! has created many opportunities for interaction and exchange, with the aim of spreading the word about Museomix to those who don’t know about it. Meetings with museums and institutions that are interested, offering support to nominated museums in organising the first local aperomixes. Lastly, the organisation of a National Aperomix  event in June 20, 2016 at the Jewish Museum in Bologna that has rallied the Italian community and involved two international guests: Fabrice Denise, (among other things) President of Global Museomix and Dixon Mar, (among other things) the founder of the Museomix UK community.
  • Involving the Italian community in Museomix including through creating and updating communication tools to help them grow: the Museomix Italia website, a Facebook group, Twitter and Flickr accounts, and a mailing list to keep together the contacts interested in developing Museomix in Italy
  • Coordinating with other Museomix communities: since BAM! participated in Museomix 2015 it has started up a dialogue with its “French cousins.” The comparison with these and other international contacts allowed to study together with other community an “Italian Museomix. BAM! took part in the international coordination of Museomix in Paris in spring 2016.

As a first result, there are four Italian museums that will participate in Museomix 2016 and they are The Museo Tolomeo in Bologna, The Museo Carlo Zauli in Faenza, The Museo Civico del Risorgimento e della Resistenza in Ferrara and CAOS in Terni. From spring 2016 onwards, they will be working with the local community, to organise the event which will take place from 11 to 13 November. The Italian community will continue to support them in terms of coordination, proposing meetings, providing them with work tools and communication activities.

The second result, achieved through the efforts of four local communities, was the response to the first call for museomixer: some 260 professionals have indeed taken up the Museomix Italy challenge and have asked to participate in the 2016 edition in Bologna, Faenza, Ferrara or Terni.



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