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BAM! to judge The Road Trip Project: the EU communication campaign that wants a firsthand opinion from citizens

By 14 March 2018September 6th, 2018No Comments

How does the European Union communicate the success achieved in singular areas? This is one of the key questions that our PERCEIVE Project tries to answer. In the last few months we flew to Brussels to talk with communication professionals and this year they asked us to offer our expertise to the European Commission.

Why is it important to talk about European communication?

European public communication has become a bit of a reoccurring theme for us in recent times: we have spoken about it on several occasions thanks to the PERCEIVE Project (you can learn more about our part in the events in this article and the work we have done until now here). But why is there so much debate surrounding communication in European networks? The European Commission has begun a crucial self-assessment project about the impact of actions carried out both at central and local level by the regional policy management authorities.

The PERCEIVE Project, thanks to its research and communication and dissemination, plays a pivotal role in this scenario: providing guidelines and recommendations to the European Union on how to improve the communication of regional policies, in order to more effectively reach its citizens. In this moment in history, when the identification of Europeans with institutions is reaching a historical low, we are very honored to take part in The Road Trip Project and to contribute to the realization of a communication campaign that can have important implications on the future of Europe.

What is The Road Trip Project?

The Road Trip Project is a journey through Europe that aims to bring young people closer to the European Union. Eight participants will be involved, on four different routes across the continent, between Spring and Summer this year. From the Baltic to the extreme western border, along the Danube, the Mediterranean Sea and the Atlantic Ocean.

It is a real trip on the road on four minibuses: along the way the participants will meet the locals, listen to their stories and learn about their habits. The purpose of the trip is to tell and give visibility to EU-funded projects in local areas that have changed the lives of many people, that the public is unaware of. Travelers will share their experience on the project website, through videos and testimonials. At the end of each trip, a film and an online guide will be created on how to discover less known places in Europe.

The Road Trip Project is an initiative of the Directorate General for Regional an Urban Policy of the European Commission. The Regional Policy aims to stimulate economic growth and improve the quality of life of people in all European regions and cities. The main theme of this policy is also solidarity, as it contributes to the strengthening of less developed regions.

BAM!’s very own Davide Baruzzi will be part of the jury that will select this Friday in Brussels the videos of the 16 finalists, among the 48 previously selected by the Commission. The winners of the project will be announced on the  3rd April.

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