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“Incontri”, the new section of the DIMMI di Storie Migranti website, has just gone live

By 3 July 2019May 20th, 2020No Comments

Parkour in Pakistan and Cantù, the secret recipe for Filipino carbonara and the hypnotic sound of the kess kess

BAM! looks after the communication strategy for DIMMI di Storie Migranti, a project that has brought together people from all kinds of different backgrounds over recent months thanks to its writing and drama workshops, web radio, living libraries and cooking courses. It generates encounters between men and women who have migrated to Italy and the workers and educators involved in the project.

These meetings often produce surprises, emotions and some unexpected discoveries (our favourite is Cristy’s Filipino carbonara!). Together with the project partners, we decided to promote, document and describe these meetings. We liked the idea of creating a kind of family album, made up of words, videos, audio and photos of the people involved, which can be consulted on the DIMMI website.

“Incontri”, developed in partnership with Q Code Mag and Cesura Lab, is already online with the first four people: Oumou, Saad, Cristy and Marco. We’ll continue updating this section. Follow us on DIMMI’s social media channels to keep up with the latest additions!