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A new awareness campaign for Bologna’s General Urban Plan

By 9 July 2020August 19th, 2020No Comments

When the people of Bologna returned to the city streets they found something new

Bologna’s General Urban Plan, the new tool currently in the approval phase at the Comune di Bologna, has been drawn up around three main strategic lines. The plan will be used to guide changes across the city for at least the next ten years.

Three subjects are also covered by the new awareness campaign created by BAM! for the Comune di Bologna: a cross-marketing approach that looks at the strategies involved in the plan and illustrates them by going straight to the heart of the issues concerned.

The campaign is being developed both offline and online and comprises a cross-marketing approach involving posters, put up in various neighbourhoods around the city, together with three different animated graphics, featured on the channels of the Comune di Bologna and the Fondazione Innovazione Urbana.


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Originally planned for the spring, the campaign was deferred to the start of the summer due to the healthcare crisis and was reformulated on the basis of recent events.

BAM! aims for this communication activity to raise people’s awareness about the Plan, highlighting the most problematic and topical issues covered by the Plan itself.

The vision at the basis of this campaign, developed as a result of the close partnership between BAM! and the Planning Office at the Comune di Bologna is that, although the Plan is a broadly technical tool, the underlying strategic guidelines and the principal objectives represent a value to be shared with all local residents in a clear and accessible fashion.