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A questionnaire for the people of Savona to find out what they think about their museums!

By 6 March 2023No Comments

Are you a Savona resident, do you have a second home nearby or do you visit on holiday?


Working together with the Associazione Amici di Casa Jorn, on behalf of the Comune di Savona, BAM! has developed a process to bring the city’s museums closer to its population, and vice versa. On the one hand, in fact, the administration wants to make the people of Savona aware of the treasures in the museums on their doorstep, while on the other hand it seeks to collect essential information from the citizens themselves to improve the city’s cultural services.

Among other activities, we have planned a questionnaire targeted at the people of Savona, which is promoted through a campaign that plays with objects in the city’s museums and goes something like this:

Hello Savona resident, how are you feeling today?
Whatever mood you’re in, Savona’s museums have something for you!

The online questionnaire is expected to take 10 minutes to complete and you don’t need to be a regular visitor to the city’s museums or even know anything about them. Every experience and opinion is invaluable for the museums and the administration to develop better services and activities.

If you’re a Savona resident, complete the questionnaire by clicking HERE!

Read here to find out more about the project objectives and phases.