Regione Molise

Project date
2012 - 2013

Communication and promotion of the area’s resources, two days of training in Campobasso

The project

AdriaMuse is a cross-border European project born under the IPA Adriatic 2007 – 2013 program: its goal is to optimize the museums and cultural heritage of the coastal area of the Adriatic Sea through the sharing and bringing together actions, tools and strategies.


The Province of Campobasso, partner of the project, wanted to give the opportunity for cultural and tourist operators in the area to understand and adopt a more innovative way of communicating, working on 2.0 and implementing a proper design, working towards touristic and cultural promotion of the network.


BAM! designed and managed a training course over two days, between December 2012 and March 2013, integrating theoretical aspects, case studies and workshops, encouraging a comparison between tourism and local cultural operators. The 30 participants were able to directly apply some of the techniques learned, through the participatory development of two pilot projects. The exchange of materials between participants and the teachers continued even during the break between the two workshops, thanks to an online platform activated by the Province of Campobasso, useful to share content, photos, videos, opinions and points of view .


Workshop Photos I
Workshop Photos II

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