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A complex challenge: rethinking the network identity of a multifaceted institution, with the aim of creating communication channels and tools.

The project

The Bergamo nella Storia Foundation is concerned with protecting, enhancing and communicating the historical heritage and identity of the Bergamo area, through a network of places, museums and collections that today, constitute the main gateway to the history of the city. 2017 marks the centenary of the reopening of the Rocca, which houses the section of the Historical Museum dedicated to the nineteenth century, one of the assets of the city heritage managed by the Foundation.


How to avoid potential interference of communication between contents and containers, or how to exploit it to their own advantage to increase their impact? What relationship to build between the identity of the Foundation and that of its museums? These are all questions that need answering to establish a correct repositioning of the city’s ecosystem.


The stratagy outlined by BAM! to support the Foundation is divided into three phases: analysis, restitution and communication of results, rebranding and identity.

The first phase of the project is based on the comparison with the institutions in the local area and on the feedback from the public. In operative terms it is divided into three elements:

  • An analysis of the current positioning in the city context, through a study of the main characteristics of the cultural offer of the Foundation and an analysis of targets, communication tools and relationship networks
  • An analysis of the perception of the institution by citizens, visitors and tourists, through a targeted audience survey: over 750 questionnaires, 4 focus groups with staff, 23 stakeholder interviews and 16 mystery visits performed)
  • A benchmark that compares the Foundation with other companies, in Italy and in Europe, that share similar characteristics and that have focused on network branding

The second phase involves the analysis of the data collected in a report and communication tools. Furthermore, a co-planning workshopwas designed to allow a selected group of participants to work from the results of the analysis and lay the foundations for the strategic rebranding and identity building project.

Once the objectives of image and perception have been shared, the time will come to propose, through co-design activities, the new brand of the Foundation. The new identity – declined through various forms of communication (paper and digital) mirrors of the founding values of Bergamo in the history and the strategic priorities of the museum.

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