Assessorato alle Politiche Giovanili del Comune di Bergamo

Project date

Mentoring, training and coaching for the rejuvenation of places of common interest

The project

In late 2015, BAM! began collaborating with the Youth Policy Department of the City of Bergamo to offer support during activities organised within the project “Furthervisions. New cultural citizenship”, funded by the Cariplo Foundation through the competition “Citizens’ cultural protagonism”. Back to the Future puts the spotlight on the Auditorium of Piazza Libertà and the former Church of Maddalena.


The “Furthervisions” project includes a series of actions and events designed to bring citizens, in particular younger generations, closer to important cultural sites, involving them directly in the planning of cultural activities. In order to involve new members between 18 and 30 in this process, proper training and coaching is crucial for both the development of business models and for the planning of cultural marketing activities.


BAM! has been supporting the administration team since the selection phase of the design team. Once the team is defined, it will be BAM!’s task to coordinate, train, coach and support the team until the end of the project, scheduled for the end of 2017.

The itinerary, defined and coordinated by BAM!, is structured into theoretical training events, workshops and surveys based around Milan and Bologna, aimed at studying successful case histories of urban and cultural rejuvenation. National and international experts will contribute to the training sessions through video and Skype conferences.

Communication with the local community will come about through several meetings open to citizens aimed at transferring knowledge of the context to a wider audience and in turn defining the new stakeholders. The expertise shared by BAM! to the group participating, will be centred around project management, budgeting, market analysis and marketing and communication activities and also the identification and analysis of performance techniques. The end result: a development project for the Auditorium of Piazza Libertà and the former Church of Maddalena di Bergamo.



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