Genus Bonaniae

Project date

Bologna Medicina: getting to know the audience and laying the foundations for an active community of experts, students and local residents

The project

Il Festival della Scienza Medica – Bologna Medicina is an initiative promoted by the Fondazione Cassa di Risparmio and Genus Bononiae. Musei nella città in partnership with Alma Mater Studiorum. Over the course of just two years it has managed to achieve very high levels of public participation.

With more than 100 meetings, debates and conferences, the festival studies and explores issues linked to the field of biomedical research, involving not only professionals and experts, but also numerous Nobel prize winners.


Given the considerable public interest and engagement during previous years, Genus Bononiae wanted to lay the foundations for the creation of a growing and more diverse community during the third edition of the festival; an audience not only made up of academics, scholars and professionals in the sector, but also of university students and local people, enabling them to feel more involved in the activities of Bologna Medicina as time goes by. BAM! contributed (at Ginger’s request) to achieving this objective, thereby triggering a community-building and audience-development process.


BAM! came up with an initiative that began with a survey to learn more about the audience and open up a dialogue with the festival. This was also an opportunity to raise awareness about Genus Bononiae’s heritage, the buildings and the collections with links to the city.

The chosen tool was a postcard with a very short questionnaire to be completed and handed in. Genus Bononiae thanked those who took part by offering discounted tickets to visit its museums. The material was distributed during most of the events over the four days of the festival (from 20 to 23 April 2017), thanks also to the involvement of Genus Bononiae’s staff.

1700 Bologna Medicina participants took part, demonstrating the desire to begin a process of drawing closer to the festival, a marked sense of belonging to an emerging community and a willingness to get involved by expressing their opinion or suggesting new themes and subjects for further study.

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