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Project date

Five months of mentoring for the group entrusted with the running of Bergamo’s new cultural space

The Project

Daste e Spalenga is a space covering more than 3,000 m2 in the former plant in Bergamo’s Celadina district. Four million euros have been allocated for its regeneration.

Following a tender organised by the Comune di Bergamo, the running of this venue has been entrusted to a group of local associations and businesses tasked with bringing it back to life and using it to host a cultural programme targeted at different audiences.


Before the Daste e Spalenga space reopens to the public, it is essential to come up with a shared vision around which the identity of the future cultural centre can be constructed, identifying the objectives and target audiences for the new space in order to facilitate the co-planning of a shared cultural offering.

Furthermore, as the organisation consists of a variety of different yet complementary organisations, it is also essential to define and identify an effective system of governance.


BAM! Strategie Culturali is supporting the group through a six-month mentoring and capacity building process, which will involve five strategic workshops and a series of activities designed to foster co-planning among the members of the temporary association as a national and international benchmark, interviews with other cultural spaces and connection with the sector and the engagement of local stakeholders.

As well as leading to the drafting of a strategic guidelines document, the five workshops will be a tool that can be used to reinforce the community of staff from each organisation involved in the running of the space and to get the work off to the best possible start.



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