Project date
2019 - 2021

Positioning analysis and development of a digital strategy for the daily management of the Gallerie Estensi’s social media channels

The project

The new Gallerie Estensi have united a number of different museum facilities within a single museum organisation, an institution belonging to the Ministry for Cultural Assets and Activities with its own special autonomy. Four museums, one library and three sites, spread over a vast area: in Modena the Galleria Estense, the Biblioteca Estense Universitaria and the Museo Lapidario Estense, in Ferrara the Pinacoteca Nazionale, and in Sassuolo the Palazzo Ducale.

Their unification within a single institution was accompanied by the decision to combine the existing digital channels within unified platforms: a single website, one Facebook page, a single Instagram account and one Twitter account, with numerous advantages as well as a few communication challenges, starting with the need to connect the different sites to the new “Gallerie Estensi” brand.


The communication path followed by the Gallerie Estensi over the years has led to good results in terms of the launch and the creation of a fan base on the internet. Visitor numbers to the various facilities are also recording stable growth. However, recent audience surveys show that the new brand could become better established and more visible, both online and in the local area. Following on from these initial years of institutional and communication reorganisation, a new digital strategy could help boost the network’s identity, align channels with target audiences and spark a dialogue with potential new visitors.


BAM! has developed a process for the Gallerie Estensi. Drawn up as a result of the online positioning analysis, stakeholder mapping and benchmarking, it has been developed on several levels: specific digital communication campaigns, positioning actions and engagement with specific targets, as well as ongoing support for the everyday management of the social media channels.

From this standpoint, the digital engagement operations have been developed on the basis of a Publishing Plan for sharing and coordinating content for the web and social media channels. Positioning actions have been carried out on the digital channels frequented by potential visitors, editorial contents have been developed for the museum website and a newsletter has been created to publish it in the best possible way.

Each activity has been developed with a specific target group in mind and is monitored constantly, analysing Google Analytics data and insights on social media channels, with a view to producing periodic reports.



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