• University of Bologna

• University of Gothenburg (Sweden)

• Academia Romana (Romania)

• Institute of Agricultural and Food Economics – NRI (Poland)

• University of Barcelona (Spain)

• University of Portsmouth (UK)

• Vienna University of Economics and Business (Austria)

Project date
2016 - 2019

Does Europe feel European? What impact do EU funds have on citizens’ perception?

BAM! partner of a Horizon 2020 research project


The project

PERCEIVE is a 3-years European project (2016-2019), part of the Horizon 2020 Programme for research and innovation funding. The research carried out by PERCEIVE aimed to understand what affects the perception of Europe at a regional level. The project has investigated how citizens in different European regions that are part of the analysis feel European and whether they feel the effects of the Cohesion Policies implemented by the European Union.

The partnership of PERCEIVE,  led by The University of Bologna, included BAM! Strategie Culturali and other 6 academic institutions: The University of Gothenburg (Sweden), The Academia Romana (Romania), The Institute of Agricultural and Food Economics – National Research Institute (Poland), The University of Barcelona (Spain), The University of Portsmouth (UK), Vienna University of Economics and Business (Austria).


The European projects are the heritage of the European Union: PERCEIVE is a complex research project, comprehensible only to the academics and researchers, but the issues investigated concern all European citizens. Hence the importance of recounting the research process step by step, enriching it also with the contribution of non-academic stakeholders and stimulating an active partecipation of European citizens. BAM! has been involved as a communication and dissemination partner of PERCEIVE, and is in charge of Work Package 7.


BAM! was in charge of setting up and implementing all communication, interaction and participation actions (internal and external) for PERCEIVE. The starting point was the development of a strategy to communicate effectively the process during the 3 years of the project: from the work in progress to the final results, through the intermediate results of the research, as well as through contributions and comments collected from other stakeholders.

The challenge of PERCEIVE’s communication has been to activate and engage with each identified target audience: researchers and academics related to the matter, policy-makers at European and regional level and also the broader civil society.

BAM! created the brand and the coordinated identity PERCEIVE, including in the graphic sign the cohesion and diversity that characterise the project. BAM! is responsible for organising, editing and producing the project’s communication content (text and multimedia): the structuring and management of the website, ensuring suitable social content, interaction and the development of communication actions (online or offline) and networking or PR activities.



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