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Telling the story of theatre school good practice and presenting an example of a local network involving theatres and schools in Caselecchio di Reno


The Project

The ATER Associazione Teatrale Emilia Romagna and the Teatro Laura Betti di Casalecchio di Reno (BO) have devoted special attention to children and teenagers for years. This has materialised in numerous projects, reviews, workshops and, above all, an active and participatory local network, where different schools, educators and academic see the theatre as a reference point.

The Generazioni a Teatro project has been created to tell the story of the theatre ecosystem that revolves around the Teatro Laura Betti, with the awareness of having contributed to creating an exportable network model of potential interest on a national level.



The Teatro Laura Betti aims to systematise the activities developed to date and promote the efforts made over recent years to attract and involve young people from the local area.

Not just a container, but an enabling context, an opportunity to start up new dialogues, to promote professional skills and partnerships, to position the actions that have been developed within a broader local and national debate on audience development and audience engagement policies, systematising the methods and characteristics of the practice that has been consolidated over the years.

BAM! is therefore working with the theatre on two fronts: defining a digital positioning strategy and producing a presentation of Generazioni a Teatro.



BAM! is working alongside the theatre. Together with its partners, it is drawing up the positioning strategy for the Generazioni a Teatro project, identifying priorities, instruments and actions to construct a pathway that is not simply about communication but that, through codesign and cocreation, aims to create added value for all the stakeholders involved.

In order to achieve this, BAM! is starting by carrying out an analysis that, on the one hand, incorporates benchmarking and mapping activities, while on the other it involves holding stakeholder workshops so as to identify the positioning objectives and targets together.

In order to maintain ongoing communication with the project staff, even during the analysis phase, BAM! is promoting meeting opportunities with the Theatre and its partners, where it can share evaluations and results and align the objectives for forthcoming activities.

At the end of the analysis and once the strategic drivers for the project have been identified (targets, objectives and priorities), BAM! will come up with the coordinated copy and identity for Generazioni a Teatro and produce a presentation document, designed to promote and prioritise the content in keeping with the shared interpretations that can be adapted to different formats and contexts.


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