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Audience development and digital strategy: an educational course aimed at 6 museums in the “suburbs” of Europe

The project

Innovamuseum is part of the European project Creative Europe, which acts on behalf of museums located in the suburbs, reinforcing their potential to attract new visitors. The partnership involves institutions and museums in Italy, Greece, Albania, Sweden, and Portugal and the main activities of the project are audience development activities based on the union between “Art & Food”, transnational mobility and training courses for art curators and museum directors.


While the European project InNovaMuseum was being drafted, the Centro Europeo Turismo Cultura e Spettacolo (CET) tried to outline what type of profiles the museums that would participate would have, and subsequently contacted BAM! to define a training course that was coherent with the agreed objectives.


BAM! organized and carried out two training days during the kick-off meeting in Palazzo Madama in Ariccia (Roma). The first day was an introduction to audience development, which was also carried out through the analysis of case studies, while the sessions on the second day were more centred around an introduction to digital marketing, with particular attention focused on Digital Engagement Framework in order to allow them to create their own digital strategy in their own museums.

After the training, BAM! organized a coaching period to outline the digital strategies to all 6 museums. The museums include: Museo Diocesano Albano – Italy, National museum George Kastrioti Skanderbeg/ Muzeu etnografik – Albania, Theodoros Papagiannis Museum of Modern Art – Greece, Museu Bordalo Pinheiro –  Portugal, Skånelaholm Castle – Sweden and Skoklosters Castle – Sweden.

It began with set objectives, establishing a map of the museum’s assets and current audience, then moved on to strategies and engagement actions (involving the current audience) and then outreach (to reach audiences).

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