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Communication in state museums: a selection of workshops and a guide through digital and analogue

The project

In 2014, as part of the reorganization of MiBACT thanks to the Franceschini reform, 17 Regional Museum Complexes were set up to manage and coordinate museums, archaeological parks and areas and state monuments in the surrounding area. In this new framework, the General Administration has the task of coordinating the complex National Museum System in order to enhance Italian cultural heritage.


Behind the creation of the Regional Museum Complex is MiBACT’s drive to simplify and enrich the relationship with the public in order to make the museum experience more fulfilling. It was therefore necessary for the General Administration and for Ales Spa – MiBACT’s in house company – to provide the Regional Museum Complex with pointers and practical guidelines in order to understand and optimize onsite and online communication: an initial step in the preparation stages of audience development.


BAM! created the identity of the workshop open to the directors and officials of the Regional Museum Complex, organized events (in the three stages of Rome, Naples and Milan) and provided a training guide. The meetings focused on internal communication and signage inside the museums (thanks to Erminia Sciacchitano and Cristina Da Milano), on digital communication (with Simona Cardinali and Serena Cinquegrana from Ales spa) and on the role of web communication in state museums (Valentino Nizzo and Gianfranco Calandre from Mibact). In order to improve the digital performance of the museums and the Poli involved, practical exercises were involved in the most crucial moments: BAM! created the document regarding digital communication strategies and the editorial planning in complex institutions.

The second phase of the project involved a guide being published (in eBook format) full of practical suggestions about the basic communication equipment needed (digital and analog) for each museum to start a new dialogue with its public.


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