Mentoring and user-experience study for the start-up that is revolutionising cinemas

The project

Movieday is a start-up that has set itself the objective of enabling anyone to organise film screenings at cinemas via a web platform.


Movieday found out about BAM! during the iC – innovazioneCulturale mentoring sessions. When it got to work on developing its web platform, the start-up asked BAM! for specific consultancy in terms of interaction design for culture.


BAM! structured the work by alternating co-planning sessions (using techniques suited to the complexity of the product, such as scrums) with analysis and benchmarking based specifically on studying similar practices that already exist on an international level. After this initial analysis, BAM! put forward some ideas about structuring the user experience and interaction design, seeking to profile the various users (viewer/proponent, cinema operator, brand, groups) and their interaction with the Movieday platform.

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