Gender Bender Festival / Cassero LGBTI Center

Project date
2020 - 2023

Digital strategy for a large-scale Creative Europe project

The Project

BAM! Strategie Culturali and Cassero LGBTI Center have been working together since 2013 on the strategic management, communication and web promotion of Performing Gender, a European project connecting dance and performing arts to gender issues and LGBTI identities, conceived and headed by Gender Bender.


Now at its third edition thanks to European funding, Performing Gender – Dancing in your shoes is a three-year audience development project that aims to create a link between dancers and local communities in eight European countries.

In keeping with the two earlier European projects, the Cassero LGBTI Center has once again asked BAM! to look after the communication and digital promotion of this large-scale project backed by the Creative Europe programme.


BAM! designed the new website: maintaining the general structure of the earlier website for reasons of continuity, it has restyled a number of internal pages with a view to conveying the new themes effectively and immersing users in the extensive activities and planning phases.

Dancing in your shoes poses new communication management challenges due to the target audience and more extensive partnerships:

  • target audience: professional and amateur dancers, dance networks, audience development researchers, decision makers and local communities
  • partnerships: nine cultural organisations working in the sector of dance and the performing arts and two institutional partners (The British Council and DAMSLab – Università di Bologna)

The co-production of the contents is therefore of vital importance, and BAM! will be working hard to coordinate the communication managers of the eleven European partners.

Over the three years of Performing Gender – Dancing in your shoes, BAM! will primarily devote itself to social media management and keeping the website constantly up to date. During the final phase of the project it will be involved in the creation of the final handbook, a document that will collect together all the output of the Performing Gender project and conclude the audience development research.



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