Project date
2023 - 2024

Supporting the creation and implementation of a local development and promotion strategy on the theme of silk for the municipalities of Rovereto, Villa Lagarina and Ala

The Project

The project “Un filo di seta per la Vallagarina” (A Silk Thread for the Vallagarina) is part of a process to promote the theme of silk conducted by the municipalities of Rovereto, Villa Lagarina and Ala, with the collaboration of local stakeholders. The process, which will involve BAM!, will last two years and will lead to the harmonisation of existing content from a joint perspective, the creation of shared content and activities, perhaps under the same brand, and the introduction of new resources that will remain in place in the areas even after the work has been completed.


The project was created with the aim of promoting silk in the Vallagarina area, which has been strongly shaped by the production and sale of this fabric. It led to a prosperous past and is aiming for new developments in the future.
The objective is to collect and tell the stories that link the area to silk and to make local residents more aware and engage them, as well as to attract new audiences.


The BAM! team carried out a context analysis through desk-based research, a site visit and exploratory interviews with all project stakeholders. The processed study results were put into order and provided the foundations for the subsequent phases of the project. A strategy workshop was then conducted in order to share common objectives, and to identify priority activities and coordination models to be put into practice. These first stages have led to the strategic guidelines, which are useful tools for pooling and defining interventions and areas for further development. In the following phases of the project, BAM! will support and assist the client, Azienda per il Turismo Rovereto, Vallagarina e Monte Baldo, in coordinating meetings and implementing the activities planned by the partners in order to achieve the set strategic objectives.


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