Physics, religious art, insects, steam engines and stars: a diverse museum network

The Project

The museums making up the cultural offering in the municipality of San Giovanni in Persiceto have different stories and origins. Some of them are civic museums such as the Museo del Cielo e della Terra and the Museo Archeologico Ambientale, but there is also the private Museo della Macchina a Vapore and the Museo d’Arte Sacra pertaining to church museums.
The Comune di San Giovanni has set out on a path to synergise the work of these museums and relaunch it towards the overall promotion of a museum network that can strengthen the area’s cultural offerings, drawing in new audiences.
BAM! is tasked with constructing the network’s identity and new promotional strategy, starting with the current experiences at the individual museums.


A museum network needs a unique and clear identity, and this is the first building block for effective promotion that then goes on to make consistent use of the various communication tools and channels.
By preparing a promotion strategy, starting with the objectives of the network itself, the efforts of the individual components of the museum network can be optimised for the benefit of all, strengths can be found and weaknesses can be compensated for.
A museum network as the flagship in the city’s cultural offering.


Beginning with a survey of the various museums and an analysis of current communication, BAM! will organise several meetings with the Comune di San Giovanni in Persiceto and museum operators to build a common vision together and share the museums’ goals and potential.

The insights and reflections that have emerged will build the basis for constructing the network’s actual identity, starting with the graphic design.
Subsequently, BAM! will launch a training course targeting some of the municipality’s museum operators and cultural contact persons to strengthen and enhance their communication and promotion skills.

At the end of the process, BAM! will produce a Communication Guidelines document to promote the museum network, with strategic indications about the type of actions and activities that can be undertaken to achieve certain objectives.



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