A research project and an international conference on education and cultural engagement in schools

The Project

The Dutch Embassy and Consulate in Italy and the Dutch Cultural Participation Fund asked BAM! Strategie Culturali to carry out research and organise an international conference on education and cultural engagement in schools.

The project partners also include the Centro Servizi Culturali Santa Chiara, which will host the conference and support its organisation.


The research objectives, which stemmed from the embassy’s requirements, were mainly concerned with understanding the mechanisms underlying the relationship between culture and education in Italy.

The conference will focus on the relationship between culture and cultural education in schools, comparing the Italian system with the Dutch one by reflecting on certain themes and sharing good practices.


For the preliminary investigation and context analysis, BAM! carried out:

  • desk-based research, partially mapping the policies, networks and initiatives that support relationships between the world of culture and the world of schools;
  • sixteen interviews with various professionals from the world of schools and the cultural sector, who are involved in cultural projects (art, music, theatre and cinema) in schools.

After identifying the needs of the two sectors that emerged from the field research and defining the specific objectives of the conference, BAM! is overseeing the organisation of the two-day event planned for 5 and 6 October 2023 in Trento, at the Centro Servizi Culturali Santa Chiara.

In addition to the organisation, BAM! will also be looking after the branding and the communication strategy for the initiative that will involve school and cultural workers from Italy and other countries.

The Open Call Italia-Olanda 2023 opens on 23 May, promoted by the Dutch Cultural Participation Fund, for professionals and operators interested in presenting a project and exploring international cooperation opportunities in the field of cultural education in schools.


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