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Our branding for the new project to promote the Emilia-Romagna music scene on an international level

The Project

SUONO GRASSO is a touring festival created by ATER Fondazione and Emilia-Romagna Music Commission to promote music from Emilia-Romagna in other countries. Starting from the renowned Cafe OTO in London, with an event involving artists from the field of experimental music, the project is looking towards Europe, spanning different genres.


In keeping with its institutional mission to support the production and distribution of music linked to the region, the Emilia-Romagna Music Commission chose to develop the SUONO GRASSO format, organising a series of events outside Italy.

Through naming and visuals, SUONO GRASSO therefore aims to convey the diversity of the area it represents, with a contemporary, cross-genre identity that will be of interest and attractive to foreign audiences.


BAM! worked closely with the Emilia-Romagna Music Commission, searching for an identity capable of both embracing the variety of genres included in the project and bringing Emilia-Romagna to mind, with its places, smells, sounds and sensations. This is combined with an important connection to music history, recalling the “fat sound” music genre, a link that adds immediacy and conceptual recognisability to the format.

This led to the birth of SUONO GRASSO, with its logo featuring rounded, interlinked shapes, counterbalanced by a descriptive payoff: “Music from Emilia-Romagna”. The colours enhance the graphic characteristics and semantic irreverence of the naming. Meanwhile, the chosen tones for the graphic interpretations succeed in exploiting the contrast, as well as mixing together when necessary.



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