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A survey of Bologna symphony music and Teatro Comunale audiences in Bologna

The Project

BAM! launched an audience survey for the Teatro Comunale di Bologna, focusing on potential symphony music spectators, in order to identify the main reasons that keep them away from the theatre and to identify possible areas of intervention.

By “potential” we mean those audiences that do not currently attend symphony music performances and concerts at the TCBO, but who could be interested in the offering because they attend cultural initiatives or venues comparable to this specific offering from the theatre.


The survey is a way to get to know and listen to spectators and to take action on certain aspects of the TCBO’s offer, including pricing policies, programme, organisation and venues.

By analysing people’s symphony music consumption habits and the barriers that keep them away from its offerings, the TCBO aims to broaden its audience and to intervene in the marketing and mediation tools used so that they reach the widest number of spectators.


As this was a survey of potential audiences, BAM! targeted those who already enjoy classical and symphony music concerts in the city. The questionnaires were administered to people attending summer concerts at Bologna Festival and Musica Insieme, to audiences of previous TCBO events and via a sponsored online campaign.

BAM! also developed the coordinated image, communication content and graphic materials needed to raise awareness of the questionnaire and make it recognisable so as to promote the TCBO’s positioning. The belief is that promoting an audience survey is in itself an audience development activity, capable of conveying the image of an organisation that is open and communicates with its customers.

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