Project date
2022 - 2023

Strategic mentoring for digital communication in the MEDIA and Culture offices

The Project

The Creative Europe Desk Italia is the national contact point for Creative Europe, the European funding programme dedicated to the cultural and creative sectors for 2021–2027. The office is part of the Creative Europe Desk network, co-financed by the European Commission to promote Creative Europe in each country participating in the Programme and to offer free technical assistance to cultural operators. The Creative Europe Desk Italia is managed by the Ministry of Culture – Directorate General for Contemporary Creativity in partnership with Cinecittà. The Creative Europe Desk Italia is formed of four offices:

  • the Culture Office, which is located at the Ministry of Culture and stems from the many years of experience of Cultural Contact Point Italy, the national contact point for the Culture Programme 2007–13
  • the MEDIA Offices in Rome, Turin and Bari, which were established thanks to the many years of experience of the former MEDIA Desk Italia and Antenna MEDIA Torino for the period 1996–2013. The MEDIA Office in Bari opened in July 2014


The two offices aim to review their digital communication, to standardise the perception of the Creative Europe Desk Italy, to outline a communication strategy for the two-year period and to reach new audiences, especially for new initiatives supporting the cultural and creative sectors.


Based on an analysis of their communication channels and those of other European desks, and on a strategic workshop with the staff at the MEDIA and CULTURE offices, BAM! developed strategic guidelines for digital communication for 2023/2024.

The document outlines the actions and tools needed to reach the audiences and the main objectives that emerged during the workshop.

The guidelines also suggest a monitoring plan for social media channels to assess the effectiveness of the new strategy once implemented.

In addition, BAM! is supporting the Desk with managing social media channels during the last few months of 2022 and with the conception, design and implementation of a re-branding that will visually aid communication in the two offices’ social media channels.

Lastly, a number of Desk activities and/or projects will be promoted through online advertising campaigns, accompanied by copy and graphic design.


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Media Office online

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