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CINARTS: the new platform is online

By 11 November 2021No Comments

The educational platform created thanks to teamwork between film libraries, visual arts and audience development experts is now accessible to teachers and students from all over Europe.

CINARTS is a European project headed by the Fondazione Cineteca di Bologna and funded by the European Commission through the Creative Europe Media (Film Literacy) programme.

The project’s end product is a web platform that provides teachers and students with educational content, multimedia materials and creative activities to support the teaching of cinema at school, in relation to the visual arts and other subjects.

The platform was built on the basis of a preliminary investigation into target groups’ needs, expectations and consumption, conceived and coordinated by BAM! as the project’s audience development partner.

The platform structure consists of a number of educational pathways, each of which explores the relationship between cinema and art through two works and the relative creators or directors. Every pathway begins with a question, a thematic investigation that leads the student to explore common instances and problems from new perspectives (What forms a community? How is a character built? What is the point of having emotions?).

The contents of Cinarts are accessible to teachers, educators and their respective students by simply registering online at


Click here to find out more about the project and BAM!’s role.