Mentoring and capacity building for the new managing body of the Ligurian museum

The Project

The Museo della Ceramica di Savona, located in a building owned by the Fondazione De Mari in the heart of the city, has been working since 2014 to protect and promote the area’s ceramic heritage.

In March 2022, the museum changed its management team and decided to embark on a reorganisation process on several fronts.


The new management group, made up of a partnership that brings together the Associazione Amici di Casa Jorn, Laboratorio L and Cooperativa Arca, which has just taken office, immediately felt the need to get to know their current and potential audiences better, to set out the objectives for the new task entrusted to them in the medium and long term and, lastly, to monitor and analyse the impact of their work.


The BAM! team is supporting the Fondazione Museo della Ceramica and the new group in charge of managing the Savona-based institution in this new phase, starting with an in-depth study of its audiences and launching structured monitoring of the impacts generated for the local area right from the outset.

Alongside this, the museum intends to implement a new communication strategy, capable of broadening and diversifying audiences with strategic outreach and engagement operations.

BAM!’s support focuses on four fronts in particular: digital communication, press office, audience analysis and development, and impact monitoring and evaluation.

In greater detail, BAM! is responsible for:

  • devising and running a strategic workshop to guide the management team in how to discover their target audiences, as well as the most suitable means, channels and communication content to reach and engage them;
  • developing visitor monitoring tools, from data collection support for ticket office staff to satisfaction questionnaires, and analysing the results;
  • setting up the evaluation strategy for the museum’s social and cultural impact in the local area and the associated monitoring plan;
  • mentoring and coaching staff in communication activities: local press office, development of content suited to the set objectives and targets, and management of digital channels;
  • devising and organising a press tour targeting national media in the sector.


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