Project date
2022 - 2023

Social media strategy and management for the film festival in the heart of the Tuscan-Emilian Apennines

The Project

The Porretta Terme Film Festival takes place every year in December in the heart of the spa town in the Apennines.
Ideally in continuity with the historic Mostra del Cinema Libero, which from the 1960s onwards made Porretta an alternative location to the major film festivals, the annual programme from new proposals to great films of the past, attracting film buffs and enthusiasts from all over the country.

In 2022 and 2023, BAM! was entrusted with planning a social media communication and management strategy to be implemented before, during and after the Festival.


Despite being a small festival, the event in Porretta is recognised by the public and industry insiders as one of the most important on the national scene, due to the quality of the programme, the festival’s unique atmosphere and the location in which it takes place.

The festival wants to use social media to strengthen its identity and positioning even further, encouraging more and more participation and consequently promoting the area as a whole.


BAM! has developed a strategy for speaking to multiple audiences about the festival: from locals to those who have never been to Porretta Terme before.

The proposal aims to highlight the festival’s strong points, with digital engagement and promotion of the local area. BAM! is also looking after the graphic design for social media, with the production of original content in coordination with the festival’s more technical staff, particularly the photographers and video makers, reinforcing the effectiveness of the content produced. Clear communication to further engage festival audiences, local stakeholders and industry insiders.



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