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City and public on the stage: follow Comizi d’Amore with us

By 3 July 2019May 20th, 2020No Comments

The call is closed, les jeux sont faits!
Comizi d’Amore is getting underway this week with the auditions for the actors and directors who will stage fragments of real life, collected and developed in the city of Bologna, at the end of May.

The idea forms part of a participatory theatre process, launched a few years ago by the Bolognese company Kepler-452 and inspired (among other things) by the approach adopted by the German group Rimini Protokoll, which brings peoples’ stories and lives to the stage. Compared to previous experiences – “La rivoluzione è facile se sai con chi farla” and “Eppure manca qualcosa” – the format is changing this spring and the target is being expanded. The objective is to interrogate three potentially very different communities in Bologna, just as Pasolini did in 1963, and bring people back to the stage, using theatre and its tools to convey different perspectives on love, sex, couples and family.

BAM! fell in love with the project at first sight and has decided to illustrate it to you from day one. Starting with the auditions this weekend, we will be following this journey step by step, looking at how this intriguing performance that promises unexpected results is staged. We will be doing this together with Avanguardie 20 30, the group of young people who work alongside Kepler-452 in organising Festival 20 30. We’ve been asking ourselves all sorts of questions: what happens to the audience in a participatory theatre? What does bringing non-professionals onto the stage mean? How does the audience development concept change when online questionnaires become interviews and future scripts? How can we relate to an audience that becomes a spect-actor? If you’re intrigued too, follow the story on the Kepler-452, Festival 20 30 and BAM! channels and search for us online from tomorrow with the #comizidamore #bologna hashtags.