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Rete! When museum networks come into play

By 3 July 2019May 22nd, 2020No Comments

A meeting organised by BAM! and the Museo delle Storie di Bergamo to share communication practices and experiences in different areas, together with some of Italy’s most interesting museum networks.

The meeting will take place from 11 a.m. to 5 p.m. on Monday 20 November at the Convento di San Francesco, in Piazza Mercato del Fieno 6/a, in upper Bergamo. Whether you’re a professional working in the sector or simply someone with an interest in the subject, you’re all invited to take part in the initiative that will involve the Circuito delle Case Museo di Milano, Fondazione Brescia Musei, Gallerie degli Uffizi from Florence, Genus Bononiae. Musei nella Città from Bologna, ICOM Italia – Commissione Tecnologie Digitali per il Patrimonio Culturale and Musei Civici di Reggio Emilia.

However, we’ll be starting with a network that has recently found a new identity: we at BAM! Strategie Culturali, together with the Fondazione Bergamo nella Storia, will be presenting the new online home of the Museo delle Storie di Bergamo, the latest result of our joint work on the new brand for the Museo delle Storie di Bergamo. A site developed in partnership with Craq Design Studio, which gives well-deserved space to the story of each place making up the city’s museum network.



What is special about this network? Is it made up of places and museums that are similar in terms of what they offer and how they’re used by the public? What area do they cover? How are these elements reflected in its identity?
During the first part of the day, figures from the museum network will share the main identity-building challenges they have had to face or are currently facing in terms of organising their communication.

Specific themes will be explored during the second part of the day, through two panels each lasting one hour: a discussion between museums, moderated by BAM!, with a particular focus on ideas picked up on in the past, seeking to explore tangible issues and the experiences of each institution.

The first panel will look inside the museums and will ask what the museum networks’ communication is about (contents, containers, the role of the collection and visitors), while the second panel will look outside and will ask what connections have to be made to extend their communication (local alliances, communities, professional figures).



11 a.m. Introduction and presentation of the new Museo delle Storie di Bergamo website

Midday Challenges in terms of network identity. Presentations of the guest museum networks (part one)

1 p.m. Break

2 p.m. Challenges in terms of network identity. Presentations of the guest museum networks (part two)

3 p.m. Panel one. Content is king: contents and containers

4 p.m. Panel two. Outside the museums: local area and community

5 p.m. End


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