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Museomix Italia 2019: two museums to be remixed and an international call to take part

By 3 July 2019May 20th, 2020No Comments

Museomix is returning to Italy again from 8 to 10 November. It will be at the Museo della Città di Ancona and Museo di Antropologia ed Etnologia in Florence and you can already put your name forward online to take part in the three-day creative marathon.

We’ve been involved Museomix non-stop since 2015. This international event, which started out in France, is a creative multidisciplinary workshop designed to rethink the way we experience museums. Three days of intellectual and manual teamwork, coming up with innovative proposals and creating prototypes.

We said that 2018 would be a year for devoting to updating, studying, evaluating and engaging new Italian organisations and more professionals from the world of museums and creative enterprises. We also promised you that in 2019, BAM! and the Italian Museomix community would bring Museomix back to the country after a year’s sabbatical.

Just a few days before the international call for participants opens, an announcement was made regarding the two museum institutions in Florence and Ancona that will be involved in the process, opening their doors to teams of museomixers in mid-November!

A third museum – the CSAC in Parma – which has been working on its candidacy for some time, has had to put things on the backburner for a while and consider the possibility of trying again in 2020. The building works that will prevent the remixers using the space in November have done nothing to quell the staff’s determination to host Museomix at the Abbazia Valserena.

Today, on the Museomix Italia website, curated by the Museomix Italia community made up of various professionals from the Italian museum sector and BAM!, you can find all the information you need:

  • to take part in the next Museomix if you’re a communicator, programmer, designer, mediator, maker or museum content expert
  • to find out more about the  Museo della Città di Ancona and the Museo di Antropologia ed Etnologia di Firenze, the two Italian museums that will be taking part in Museomix 2019
  • to support one of these museums in organising Museomix, throughout all the phases between now and 10 November. A team of volunteers is required from outside and inside the museum, tasked with expanding the local community, forging new partnerships and looking after all the organisational and logistical aspects involved.

The website will soon include sections on all the other museums taking part in the event, from Québec to Equador, France, Switzerland and Belgium.

And now for the most important thing. The form to be completed in order to take part in the international call is online. Just provide details about your skills, the role you would like to play and, naturally, the museum you’re interested in.

What are you waiting for? Places are limited and those who’ve already taken part in Museomix are keen to sign up again!

Do you want to find out more about past editions and BAM! Strategie Culturali’s work alongside Museomix Italia? Here is some recommended reading: