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The Biblioteca Malatestiana expands even further: an additional 1000 m2 of innovations and events

By 17 March 2022August 1st, 2022No Comments

The eagerly awaited section of Emilia-Romagna’s oldest library opens in Cesena

Following on from the participatory process involving the people of Cesena and the creation of various reading points scattered around the city, in addition to reopening the multiservice library in the Borello district, the Comune di Cesena’s new library network has achieved one of its most eagerly awaited outcomes: the opening of the new wing of the Biblioteca Malatestiana.

Photo courtesy Biblioteca Malatestiana - ph Marco Maccolini - 3Pix


As of 19 March 2022, the citizens of Cesena will have access to more than 1,000 additional square metres of new spaces and services that will make the Biblioteca Malatestiana an even more modern and contemporary place of culture, open to several generations of users with the most varied interests.

This new area has been designed to accommodate new services such as a gaming area for board games and video games, with public consoles for playing in the library, and a modern projection room with dedicated programming. The film catalogue has been expanded, as have the music and entertainment catalogues, and the section dedicated to essays is once again accessible and can be consulted directly by users. There will also be comics and illustrated books, because the Biblioteca Malatestiana has decided to take on the challenge of an era when narratives and stories are told through various forms of media, including video games and comics.

In view of the opening of these spaces, BAM! worked alongside the Comune di Cesena on

  • the launch communication campaign
  • planning the inauguration days, coming up with guests and activities
  • communication and promotion for the initiative, coordinating the production of all the promotional materials
  • designing the new augmentative signage that will guide visitors through the Malatestiana’s new rooms! !

The inauguration celebrations will last for ten days, from 19 to 27 March. The programme includes lots of meetings with well-known guests from the national scene, as well as numerous activities such as guided tours and workshops that will allow participants to start exploring and experiencing these new spaces in the Malatestiana.

Plenty of initiatives to celebrate an important milestone, for the project on which the Comune di Cesena has staked its bets, investing more than 3 million euros in it, including building work, furnishings and equipment, financed by European ROP ERDF contributions.

See the full programme for the inauguration of the Biblioteca Malatestiana’s new spaces!

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