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Bologna’s Teatro Comunale launches a survey to make contact with potential audiences and get to know them

BAM! is working alongside TCBO as part of an audience listening and analysis operation, with the aim of gathering views on the symphonic music festival.

The Teatro Comunale, together with BAM!, designed a questionnaire, distributed both in paper form and via QRCode, to analyse potential audiences and explore their opinions on its symphonic music offering. A way of getting to know spectators and adapting the event to meet their requirements.

Do you usually attend symphonic music events organised by the Teatro Comunale? How do you think it could improve its offering?

These are some of the questions present in the questionnaire given to spectators who attend the Teatro Auditorium Manzoni, one of the TCBO venues that hosts events by different cultural organisations. In fact, it not only hosts concerts by the Teatro Comunale’s philharmonic orchestra, but also “Bologna Festival” and “Musica Insieme” events. It is therefore a place frequented by different audiences and partly only potential ones in this sense.

Getting to know them better and making them more familiar with the TCBO’s offerings is the goal we are aiming for. The survey plays an essential part in this.

After administering the questionnaire twice in June, during two different performances, the third survey will be carried out in October, when the symphonic music festivals will resume following the summer break. The survey is therefore being repeated in an attempt to collect more data.


Ph. Filarmonica, Teatro Comunale, Bologna