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“Il concerto che vorrei”: BAM! supports KeepOn LIVE

By 6 April 2023No Comments

A participatory journey to understand needs and come up with solutions, working towards more accessible and inclusive concerts.


In December 2033 we worked alongside KeepOn LIVE – the trade association for Italian live clubs and festivals – as part of the participatory process “Il concerto che vorrei”.
The objective was to map and analyse the needs of the audience, artists and managers of live music spaces to create an ideal and truly accessible concert.

After analysing the results of the form administered to concert audiences and the one administered to live clubs and festivals, drawn up earlier by “Il concerto che vorrei” staff, we supported KeepOn LIVE by designing and conducting three focus groups. The aim of the three meetings was to explore the issues in greater depth, highlighting the needs of the audience, operators in the sector and associations working in these fields.

The main issues covered by the project were:

  • gender balance
  • disability
  • social inclusion and diversity

A series of specific questions on the experiences of those who took part allowed for an in-depth examination of these points. The results highlighted further questions and problems to be explored in order to improve the audience experience, providing KeepOn LIVE with the chance to work on awareness and training in consideration of the concert we would like.

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