• Fondazione Cineteca di Bologna
  • Cinémathèque Royale de Belgique 
  • Passeurs d’images
  • Cinemateca Portuguesa
  • The Hungarian National Film Archive
Project date
2018 -2020

Audience development partner for a European film education project


The project

CINARTS is a European project headed by the Fondazione Cineteca di Bologna and funded by the European Commission through the Creative Europe programme. It won the Film Literacy tender in 2018 as part of the  Media sub-programme.

Based on the idea that film can be a valid tool for introducing children and teenagers to the world of visual arts, with the objective of training up a generation of young and very young film users, the two-year project involves six different partners: Fondazione Cineteca di Bologna, BAM! Strategie Culturali, Passeurs d’imagesCinémathèque Royale de Belgique, Cinemateca PortuguesaThe Hungarian National Film Archive



Film is often simply considered a product of the entertainment industry, without taking into account its cultural value, its ability to fuel the imagination and to provide a voice for telling stories, ideals and the society we live in. CINARTS was developed to boost this awareness and bring the seventh art closer to a very young audience.

The final product of the project is a web platform that makes educational paths, multimedia materials and creative activities available to teachers and students in order to support the teaching of cinema at school, in relation to visual arts and other subjects. For the development and co-creation of the platform it was necessary to plan moments of dialogue and exchange of ideas, and, more generally, to implement audience development actions.



BAM! Strategie Culturali, as a partner of the project, comes into play immediately to plan and coordinate a preliminary survey on the platform’s targets: focus groups and questionnaires to investigate the European school context and the needs of teachers and students on which the web platform could have been built.

Based on the survey, the partnership – supervised by BAM! as audience development partner – built the content and structure of the platform.

During the final phase of the project, some European schools participated in pilot activities to experiment, test and promote the Cinarts platform. BAM! followed the pilot phase by building evaluation tools and analyzing feedback from teachers, educators and students.


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