Fondazione Archivio Diaristico Nazionale

Project date
2018 -2019 and 2023

Building, promoting and narrating an archive of migrant stories

The project

DIMMI di Storie Migranti is a project funded by the Agenzia Italiana per la Cooperazione allo Sviluppo (AICS) to follow on from the DiMMi –Diari Multimediali Migranti project, supported by the Regione Toscana, which reached the end of its third edition in September. The project is headed by the Italian NGO Un Ponte Per…, which works alongside forty-six partner organisations in Italy, Iraq and Lebanon. From Lombardy to Sicily: social cooperatives, NGOs, local assocations, universities, municipalities, regions and other organisations. Fondazione Archivio Diaristico Nazionale, one of DIMMI’s founding partners, decided to make use of BAM!’s services to increase the project’s impact in Italy.


The general objective of DIMMI di Storie Migranti is to fight the causes of xenophobia and intolerance through education and information, helping to develop “global” citizens for whom “diversity“, seen as a multitude of cultural identities, represents a resource. It particularly aims to promote greater understanding of issues associated with migration, reception and integration, starting with telling one’s own story as a means of getting to know and meeting others.


The project aims to gather, conserve and promote the stories of people of foreign origin or provenance able to paint a direct picture of the complexity of migratory phenomena, integration and reception processes. It has achieved this by developing expressive channels and tools that encourage the telling of personal stories.

BAM! forms part of the coordination group together with the partners involved in publicising the project by means of:

A communication and engagement strategy

Drawing up a communication strategy, based on a preliminary contenxt analysis and benchmarking process focusing on the themes of DIMMI, calibrated to suit the shared requirements and sensibilities of the partnership, and in keeping with the objectives and targets established by the project. The strategy then developed into a communication plan involving:

an initial project launch campaign, implemented in September 2018;
the identification of communication and engagement activities throughout the sixteen months of the project;
a final campaign to promote the DIMMI Award in September 2019.

Identity and branding plan

BAM! put forward a graphics concept and then used it as the basis for a clear and recognisable reference point for the partnership, able to represent the DIMMI system of values and bring the basic communication tools together.

Digital tools

BAM! designed the structure and contents of the DIMMI website. The site was divided into different sections that respectively make it possible to:

  • illustrate the project and its activities;
  • promote the DIMMI di Storie Migranti competition;
  • have virtual encounters with the project beneficiaries in the Encounters section developed in partnership with QCode and Cesura Lab;
  • scroll through the digital archive of migrant stories already present in the Archivio Diaristico Nazionale collection, to which the stories collected in 2019 will be added – section under construction.

BAM! handled the social network channel start-up and is continuing to manage the Instagram profile @storiemigranti.

In 2023, BAM! worked on updating the campaign image, declinations for social and the poster mastro for events.


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