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A module developed by BAM! as part of the Enfap course for  “Technical experts in project management,” designed to train up future cultural operators

The project

Since 2016, BAM! Strategie Culturali has partnered the free course for “Technical experts in project management for social and regional innovation” run by ENFAP Emilia Romagna, co-funded with resources from the European Social Fund and the Regione Emilia-Romagna.

The course comprises 500 hours of lessons, 200 hours of work placements and a professional qualification at the end. It has been designed to train up new cultural professionals who are able to grasp and manage every aspect of environmental, cultural and social promotion projects.


The course structure endorses direct contact with businesses operating in the region to facilitate the handing-over of skills from today’s professionals to the cultural operators of tomorrow. The training is designed to be as technical, tangible and up-to-date on the most effective practices as possible.

The network of partners that ENFAP has created for the project is made up of numerous professionals in the sector, picked from the local area, and testifies to a cultural dynamism and professional expertise that can be transformed into an invaluable educational resource.


BAM! Strategie Culturali is respobnsible for the “Communication 3.0 and digital storytelling for project management” module, which aims to provide the skills needed to illustrate and promote a project by selecting the most appropriate channels and most effective strategies.

Three days covering crucial issues and sharing the skills developed by our consultants: from an overview of marketing communication and its role in project management, to how to establish a communication strategy on the basis of objectives and targets, all the way through to a look at the most widely used social networks and relative application techniques and, lastly, how to structure a digital strategy, from identifying the channels to planning the contents.

BAM! proposes an educational approach that combines theory and the analysis of case studies and international best practice, with plenty of exercises to put communication 3.0 tools to the test.


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