Gender Bender Festival / Cassero LGBTI Center

Project date
2017 - 2019

Communication and digital dissemination for a Creative Europe project

The project

BAM! Cultural Strategies and Cassero LGBT Center collaborated from 2013 to 2015 in the management and web communication of Performing Gender,  the first edition of the European project on contemporary dance and gender identity conceived and directed by Gender Bender Festival.


To give continuity to the work done in the first edition and following the European funding of a new project drafted by BAM!, the Cassero decided to entrust to BAM! the digital communication and dissemination activities of Performing Gender – Dance makes differences.


BAM! in the 2 years of the project will deal with all aspects of  web communication:

  • editing and producing content for the website
  • sending a project newsletter addressed to professionals
  • strategy and management of social media
  • management of publishing plans in agreement with partners in five countries
  • activation of an internal communication channel and exchanges of contents between the various beneficiaries of the project

The challenge of digital communication will be to position Performing Gender as a point of reference at European level on the themes of dance and gender. During the two years of the project, the Performing Gender website will be enriched not only by the story of the activities carried out, but also by the results of the professional training course that involves: dance makers, dance dramaturg, young dancers and 6 European cultural organizations.



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