Villa Vigoni - Centro Italo-Tedesco per l'Eccellenza Europea

Project date

Mapping the context, identifying objectives and targets of a complex international institution, designing communication to establish a European position

The project

Villa Vigoni – Italian-German Center for European Excellence is an association that associates with the German Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF) and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation (MAECI). Located in Loveno di Menaggio in a splendid setting overlooking Lake Como, Villa Vigoni is a laboratory of ideas, and a point of reference for dialogue and collaboration between Italy and Germany in the European context. As well as a platform for cultural exchanges and for the promotion of research and development of projects, it is also a place of historical and artistic interest and of architectural value within which there is a dense program of activities: meetings, research and training that includes conferences, concerts, master classes and exhibitions.


30 years after its opening, Villa Vigoni feels the need to acquire greater visibility among stakeholders and to position itself at a European level as an example of excellence. Better communication on what it does, using different communication channels, giving priority to the activities and aspects considered important for Villa Vigoni to communicate the best opportunities and highlight its skills and projects.


The strategic communication system has seen us engaged in a first phase of context analysis: listening and talking with  management and staff working within the association, analysing the organization, positioning and benchmarking.

At the same time, together with Villa Vigoni staff, we worked on identifying the objectives (S.M.A.R.T., or realistic) of the institution, in order to have a clear understanding of what the objectives of communication should be. Finally, also through the involvement in a focus group of a large part of the staff, we have defined the different target groups, the target recipients, with the purpose of identifying the audience to whom the communication will be directed, without losing sight of the objectives.

After analysing all the necessary elements, we have created an ad hoc communication plan that, in the first instance, has foreseen a restyling of the coordinated image and of the brand identity. At the same time BAM! designed the structure and content of the new website, developed by Craq Design Studio, created in close collaboration with Villa Vigoni staff.


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