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Project date

Community management and communication on the construction phase of the “Ducato Estense” enhancement project, a real tourist-cultural network

The project

“Cantiere Estense” is the start of a journey that will lead to the realization of the project “Ducato Estense” in Emilia-Romagna by the Ministry of Cultural Heritage and Activities and Tourism under the “1 billion for culture” plan “. The “Ducato Estense” project forsees structural interventions to restore and redevelop 26 real estate assets included in the area affected by the domination of the D’Este family: from the Po Delta to the Garfagnana.


From this first phase of executive planning and start of the first construction sites, in collaboration with the local authorities owners of the assets, it is necessary to communicate the process of enhancement and restoration, in an integrated and widespread manner through emotional narration and the use of a brand to be supported with an important campaign of cultural promotion and marketing. For this purpose, the Regional Secretariat of Emilia Romagna has assigned to the ATI, composed of BAM!, another organization and Craq Design Studio, a communication plan that lasts one year: from the development of a coordinated graphic identity, to creating a website on the project and a web platform for interactive cartography linked to the WebGIS platform, up to the development of a communication plan on social networks.


In this multifaceted task, BAM! deals specifically with everything related to Cantiere Estense’s digital strategy. Starting from a phase of analysis of the context and definition – in agreement with the Regional Secretariat – of targets and objectives, we have developed a strategy and defined the social channels on which to communicate the Cantiere Estense. During this phase, a good part of the staff of the Emilia-Romagna Secretariat was involved in a series of training meetings, aimed at acquiring or updating digital communication skills and reflecting on how the communication of the project should relate with the governing body.

Cantiere Estense’s social media strategy faces the challenges faced by all new institutional channels, that will serve as a point of reference for a wide-range project. The identification and correct segmentation of the target audience becomes therefore fundamental, in an area of reference that goes beyond the regional boundaries and must take into consideration the proximity of various interlocutors. The start-up of the Facebook and Instagram channels, now active and managed in collaboration with the Regional Secretariat, was accompanied by the creation of an editorial plan shared with the client for in order to produce collaborative content.



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