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Project date

An internet portal that brings the city’s museums together, a tool for exploring the cultural resources available in the Savona area.


The project

The opening of the new Museo della Ceramica di Savona towards the end of 2014 marked the start of an online promotion strategy, not only for the new museum, but for Savona’s entire network of museums that revolves around the Museo d’Arte di Palazzo Gavotti and the Fortezza del Priamàr.


Beginning with the inauguration of the new Museo della Ceramica, which also required new communication tools, BAM! worked with the Fondazione Agostino De Mari and the Municipality of Savona to come up with a strategy that would give visibility to the museum, while also making it part of a broader network – the network of civic museums: Museo della Ceramica, Pinacoteca Civica, Collezione Milani-Cardazzo, Civico Museo Archeologico and Museo Sandro Pertini e Renata Cuneo.


The new internet portal for Savona’s civic museums is a multisite, designed to showcase information on each museum and its collections, while also illustrating how the various museums are connected and enabling users to discover the other museums in the network that they might not yet have been aware of.

The home page – – presents the city’s two museum hubs: the Museo d’Arte di Palazzo Gavotti and Priamàr. It also features the five collections that make up the circuit: Pinacoteca Civica, Collezione Milani/Cardazzo, Museo della Ceramica, Museo Archeologico and Museo Pertini Cuneo. Users can decide which one they want to explore, with sections containing further information about the Museo della Ceramica, Pinacoteca Civica and Collezione Milena Milani. They can also connect to the Municipality of Savona website to search for information about the Priamàr’s collections.

The section devoted to the Pinacoteca Civica not only tells the very unusual story about how its collection of artworks was formed and illustrates the museum layout, but also allows users to visit a virtual gallery online, featuring a selection of works, including a number of masterpieces from the Collezione Milani/Cardazzo by great twentieth-century artists such as Picasso, Mirò, Fontana, Jorn and Capogrossi.

The gallery has been developed specifically to foster interaction between site visitors and the collection. Each work is accompanied by a brief description of the context, the artist or the period of history, together with a series of tags connecting the works so as to inspire free associations or unexpected discoveries. This is completed by more detailed information and technical specifications, written in partnership with the director of the art gallery.


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