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Project date

3 meetings in Milan, Rome and Bari to present the results of the research on local cultural systems and define the main local assets. 3 workshops also on stakeholder engagement

The project

17 regional museums, commissioned by the Directorate General Museums to manage and coordinate museums,  archaeological areas and parks and state monuments on the national territory, have been entrusted with the task of carrying out in-depth analysis of the cultural system of their region of origin, crossing different types of data : from ISTAT demographic research to the information held by the individual local cultural institutions, from the open datasets of the Regions to territorial enhancement agreements.


The research is aimed at identifying a specific territorial area, and the related cultural assets, on which to carry out a development and enhancement project. The analysis carried out will serve to clarify how and where each individual museum will have to invest time and resources (the funding provided by the MUSST 2 project) to design a strategic plan for territorial development.


During the 3 meetings each two days long, in Milan, Rome and Bari, the different museums will gather to present the results of the analysis carried out, with the aim of speaking about their first impressions on the data. BAM! commissioned by Ales Arte Lavoro and Servizi SpA, was responsible for managing various aspects relating to the 3 meetings: the coordination of a series of video interviews aimed at representatives of the museums (designed to collect contributions to be included in an e-book, which will be developed in the second phase of the project), the development of the graphic identity, the organizational secretariat.

In collaboration with Federculture, BAM! also designed the stakeholder engagement training module dedicated to the museums that they will manage during the second day of each meeting.

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