Identity and communication for the network that unites operators, artists and residences.

The project

In the 2015-2017 FUS, for the first time, a plan for the recognition and enhancement of Residenze Artistiche was included: an interregional project promoted by MIBACT, whose purpose is to collect, coordinate and communicate news regarding the artistic residences in the field of theater. The main operational tools of Residenze Artistiche include the website, which lists the organizations present in member regions, and social communication channels already well positioned and that constitute a reference point for the world of theatre, dance and performance.


The Emilia-Romagna Region, responsible for the promotion and communication of the project, dediced it was necessary to present Artistic Residences in a more clear and effective way, with a new coordinated image and digital communication tools more in line with the target audience.

The  idea is to promote the recognition of the project and the coordination between the different institutions and organizations that are part of it, focusing on positioning towards the operators in the sector, both at Italian and European level.


BAM therefore defined five concrete tools to achieve the objectives of Residenze Artistiche linked to identity, communication and resonance.

  1. Creating a coordinated identity through a graphic concept that gives uniformity to the basic communication tools. The goal is to have a clear and recognizable visual reference but which also represents the value system at the base of the project.
  2. Rationalising content on the site, that is, a new proposal for the Homepage of the website accompanied by the redistribution of graphic elements according to its architecture. The aim is to facilitate navigation and to facilitate the identification of fundamental content. This entails that the pages relating to Interregional Projects and Meetings will be reviewed with particular care.
  3. To give Residenze Artistiche the right positioning  also at a European level and therefore an international presence, the website was translated into English.
  4. For the immediate future, a digital strategy was created and advice for putting this strategy into practice which were designed starting from the analysis of the targets and the strengths and weaknesses of the project. These elements are in turn the result of a careful mapping of stakeholders at local, national and European level and by numerous interviews with the institutions involved.
  5. Creating a social campaign to echo the stories and experiences of artists and residences of the past three years and to launch the new coordinated graphic image of Residenze Artistiche.



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