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Planning a day of discussion and sharing of good practices for culture and the third age on a national scale

The Project

The Embassy and Consulate General of the Netherlands in Italy asked BAM! Strategie Culturali to organise a day for exploring cultural projects devoted to creative ageing and to map good practices in Italy.


Museums, theatres, institutions and cultural associations can play a key role in wellbeing for the elderly, encouraging more extensive participation in the city’s social and cultural life and promoting a healthier and more active lifestyle. The Embassy of the Netherlands wants to promote a meeting opportunity for Italian and Dutch cultural workers with a view to future partnerships and to encourage shared planning between the two countries.


BAM! has carried out preliminary research, identifying around 100 Italian projects developed over recent years by public bodies, cultural institutions, artists, associations and voluntary organisations. This initial mapping will be supplemented by the projects gathered together through a national Call for Projects, which will make it possible to take the research further and obtain an overview of how matters in Italy currently stand.

The day of discussions on culture and the third age will take place online via Zoom Webinar and will feature contributions from policymakers and planners, as well as a work session to help Italian and Dutch workers get to know one another.  The outcome of the project will be a final report combining the comprehensive mapping with the main points that emerged during the discussion.


The Call on the BAM! website
The Embassy on Facebook page
The Call on the Embassy website

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