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Inspirational videos and webinars for cultural organisations on the Digital Hangar portal

The Project

Hangar Piemonte – a project commissioned by the Regione Piemonte’s Culture and Tourism Office and developed by the Fondazione Piemonte dal Vivo – has led to the creation of Digital Hangar. A pathway devoted entirely to the digital transformation of cultural organisations, which also plans to build an online library with content dedicated to digital learning, webinars and online dialogue with experts in the sector.


Hangar Piemonte is targeted at anyone wanting to develop their skills and managerial ability in the field of culture, from the self-employed to institutions, associations and non-profit organisations.

They are all the intended beneficiaries of the Digital Hangar project: a toolbox complete with instructions for use, based on the idea that digital transformation is an essential process for cultural organisations wanting to tackle the current world crisis caused by the pandemic and prepare themselves for the future.

BAM! has been involved in the project, providing its knowledge and expertise in the field of digital strategy.


Between autumn 2020 and spring 2021, BAM!’s team members with the most experience in digital strategy for culture will be hard at work producing specific content for the Digital Hangar platform.

They’re starting with five inspirational videos created to respond to the need to be found and make oneself known online. These videos are accessible to everyone in the “tools” section of the website. Each video is fifteen minutes long and introduces topics such as: website structure, creating a newsletter and the secrets behind how to publish truly engaging Instagram stories.

Meanwhile, in 2021, BAM! will be involved in three online training sessions: 1.5-hour webinars on how to make your internet and social media presence really effective, how to create promotional campaigns and how to build a community and keep it alive.


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