Project date

Eighteen hours of capacity building and community building to facilitate the birth of innovative partnerships between museums and enterprises

The Project

As part of the European project SACHE: Smart Accelerators of Cultural Heritage Entrepreneurship, funded by the Interreg Central Europe programme, the Management Department at the Università Ca’ Foscari in partnership with the Camera di Commercio Venezia-Rovigo has designed a training course entitled “Innovative partnerships between museums and creative enterprises”.


The European project SACHE – whose Italian partners are the department of culture and sport at the Regione Autonoma Friuli Venezia Giulia, the Università Ca Foscari di Venezia  and the Camera di Commercio di Rovigo – has set itself the objective of interpreting cultural heritage as a “creativity accelerator” at the service of local enterprises, facilitating the birth of communities where museums and local businesses can converge.

A one-year process has been planned for this purpose, involving meetings, sharing, training and consultancy, designed to identify and develop collaboration projects to be accompanied through to the executive phase and then shared on a European level.


BAM! Strategie Culturali was involved in the creation of the “Innovative partnerships between museums and creative enterprises” course, wich will be held online for twenty-five participants, as the starting point of the year-long process.

Targeted at a variety of subjects based in the region of Veneto – museum institutions focusing on innovation, creative enterprises and companies with a particular interest in culture, art and creativity, public administrations and intermediaries working in the local area to promote cultural policies and processes – it aims to:

  • creating meeting opportunities to foster the creation of a community involving these subjects
  • develop the expertise necessary for the development and maintenance of the network and codesign practices.

The eighteen-hour online course will be held in November and December 2020 and will explore issues such as cultural policies in Italy and Europe, Audience Development and digital engagement, cultural design and codesign among different sectors, and relationships between museums and businesses.


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