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An intensive digital strategy course: two months in the classroom with the Fondazione Ducati personnel

The Project

Fondazione Ducati is the non-profit association dedicated to social and cultural service and solidarity relating to the world of motorcycling.

It operates on several fronts, with cultural, educational and social initiatives in three different areas: valorisation through the museum and the historical archive; support for technical and scientific training (education) through educational workshops targeted at secondary schools; and road safety support, with university courses linked to this theme.


The Fondazione Ducati staff require training in online communication, designed to enable participants to develop a digital strategy plan, with the objective of improving the institution’s online presence.


Thanks to the support of Randstad, the Fondazione’s executive partner, BAM! has developed and organised a training course designed to boost the online relevance of the Fondazione Ducati, which will enable it to obtain a clear and recognisable digital identity, attracting and engaging specific audiences in a targeted fashion.

The course, created for around twenty employees of the institution, will be held over four sessions and will include a one-day study visit, offering a total of ninety-two hours of training, divided into two weekly lessons, which will be provided online initially due to Covid restrictions.

The course will comprise an initial part that offers an introduction to digital strategy and a knowledge of the basic methods and tools needed to work as a team and manage online channels. Thanks also to a series of partners involved by BAM!, such as Wikimedia Italia, Scuola di Robotica, Craq Design Studio, Visual Lab, Simona Canè and Ottavia Turchi, the subsequent sessions will explore different fields of specialisation: content curation, social media management and results analysis and monitoring.

The various modules are structured in order to provide lessons made up of theory, case studies and group or individual exercises.


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