BAM! working alongside ART-ER in the design, organisation and facilitation of focus groups and webinars to support Cultural and Creative Industries in the region of Emilia-Romagna.

The Project

The Regione Emilia-Romagna and ART-ER Attrattività Ricerca Territorio are developing and implementing a number of actions to help the culture and creativity sector.


The initiatives aim to consolidate the sector of Cultural and Creative Enterprises on a regional level and to make the Emilia-Romagna area more attractive. Two principal types of activity have been carried out to meet these objectives: listening to the needs of organisations and creating opportunities for professional sharing and engagement regarding issues linked to innovation.


During the last few months of 2020, BAM! supported ART-ER in the development, organisation, management and facilitation of two initiatives of this type: one for the audiovisual sector and the other for publishing.

Work began by selecting the most suitable formats for engaging with and listening to workers and experts.

A live-streamed public webinar was developed for the audiovisual sector, as an initial initiative for exploring the theme of innovation in the sector in terms of use and sustainability models.

In order to open a dialogue with people working in the field of publishing and take a snapshot of their needs, a decision was made to organise a focus group, with two meetings planned for a limited number of participants, by invitation only. The focus group, facilitated by BAM!, saw the participation of representatives from the main regional publishing associations.

BAM! managed the organisational secretariat and the technical aspects of the meetings, held online, as well as handling communication on the institutional channels.

In addition to facilitating the actual meetings, the BAM! staff monitored the meetings in order to draw up reports that can be used to help develop future actions.


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