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Coordinated identity and communication strategy for the Comune di Bologna’s new trademark developed to promote traditional products and expertise

The Project

The Comune di Bologna has decided to make use of the De.Co. (municipal denomination of origin) trademark to promote the culture, expertise, activity and food products linked to the history and traditions of the municipal area.


De.Co. trademarks are recognitions that municipal administrations can assign to products and expertise deemed to be typical and with strong links to the history of the municipal area, primarily to promote the local gastronomic traditions.

In the case of the Comune di Bologna, the innovation lies in the fact that by instituting the De.Co. trademark, it intends to promote not only traditional food products but also cultural activities and events and expertise typical of the area in different fields of knowledge, certifying their Bologneseness.


BAM! will be working alongside the Comune di Bologna’s department for city culture and promotion right from the very launch of the De.Co. trademark scheduled for March 2021.

Indeed, together with the Comune di Bologna, BAM! will form part of the selection jury that will pick the official De.Co. trademark logo from among those submitted following the tender open to graphic designers and creatives.

Having chosen the logo, BAM! will develop a coordinated project identity, producing the first graphic contents for the promotion of the brand and for presenting the initiative to the city: materials such as brochures, media kits and multimedia content to encourage local businesses and organisations to apply for the De.Co. trademark for Bologna-based expertise, activities and food products.

BAM! will then be responsible for organising and managing the launch of the trademark, looking after the text and graphics for the launch campaign and developing a specific promotional initiative and the official De.Co. trademark freebies.

The contents, tools and actions involved in this first phase of the De.Co. trademark in Bologna will be defined on the basis of a communication strategy developed by BAM! and approved by the Comune di Bologna.


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