Project date
2019 - 2023

Positioning analysis and engagement actions through a diversified digital strategy for Gallerie Estensi’s social media channels

The project

Since 2016 Gallerie Estensi has been reuniting different museum organizations into a single widespread special autonomy institute of the Italian Ministry of Culture. The new institution consists of 4 museums, a library and 3 different branches located on a wide area: Galleria Estense, Biblioteca Estense Universitaria and Museo Lapidario Estense in Modena, Pinacoteca Nazionale in Ferrara and Palazzo Ducale in Sassuolo.

This unification under a single institution led to the choice of bringing together and unifying the already existing digital channels into a single website, Facebook page, Instagram and Twitter accounts. This strategy led to many advantages as well as some communication challenges, starting from the need to connect the different branches to the new “Gallerie Estensi” brand.


The communication strategy developed by Gallerie Estensi has achieved positive results and recorded both a stable growth of visitors in the various locations and the creation of a solid web fanbase. After a first institutional and communicative reorganization, the new digital strategy strengthened the brand’s online identity; the alignment of both channels and target audiences also helped increase the number of visitors to the museum. A second maintenance and growth phase is now needed, taking into account the potential of the single social media platforms and the constant updates to which they are subjected.


Since 2019 BAM! has developed a digital strategy for Gallerie Estensi which started with a positioning and benchmark analysis and then focused on dedicated digital communication campaigns, positioning and involvement actions towards specific targets and constant monitoring of social medias, from content curation to community management.

The second part of the strategy aims both to maintain the current fanbase and expand audiences through an improved and curated editorial production, based on each different social media’s resources and their specific online communities. Along with social media content curation, BAM! also works on more in-depth contents for the museum’s website, such as longforms and newsletters.

Therefore, the digital engagement strategy develops from coordinating and sharing contents through different Editorial Plans, one for each platform. Strategic positioning actions also implement formats focusing on the collaboration with other cultural institutions, as well as ADV campaigns strictly linked to the new editorial production.

Each activity is designed to address specific target groups and is constantly monitored with Google Analytics and social media insights analysis, with the aim of writing periodic reports.




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