Comune di Bologna

Project date
2012 - 2013

Participation building for a European project

The project

The EnergyCity 2013 project has developed a heat loss map to understand which buildings in our cities are most thermally efficient and which ought to be modernized in order to live in more sustainable cities. The project was funded by the Central Europe Programme and Italian partners, in addition to the City of Bologna, the University of Bologna and CEV Consortium.


The primary need of the City of Bologna was to convey to citizens in a simple way the complex content at the head of the methodology and actions of EnergyCity 2013 and raise awareness about energy saving and the energy efficiency of buildings.


BAM! developed a communication plan, both digital and linked to more traditional paper-based instruments and structured a participation building proposal.
We then implemented the planned actions:

  • re-elaboration of the organised identity and creation of the project’s dissemination material
  • designing and implementing a website made up of a blog and an interactive game
  • social media management through a Twitter and Tumblr account
  • creation of two videos in motion graphics, one to explain to citizens the methodology and the objectives of the project, and the other which highlights the strong connection between EnergyCity 2013 and the PAES of Bologna
  • organization of a focus group which has established a degree of confidence with citizens towards the themes of EnergyCity 2013
  • creation and management of a competition that raffled off the thermal controls of homes
  • Collaboration with Green Social Festival: BAM! and the representatives of the Council have developed an edutainment format that involved the kids in a lesson-workshop
  • preparation of a report on the results achieved and the guidelines of communication, available to the partners of the project


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